Monday, May 4, 2015

You Customer Does NOT CARE About Your Logo, Slogan or Picture!

The BIGGEST WASTE of money I see spent by entrepreneurs and business owners is promoting their logo, picture or slogan. Unless your Coke, Pepsi, Bud or some other multi-billion dollar company with hundreds of millions to spend on branding,  than marketing your logo, etc. will NOT generate a buying decision. How many real estate agents have you called from bill boards because of their picture? How many restaurants have you gone to because of their SLOGAN? We buy based on what excites US and if your marketing does NOT have a solid call to action that focuses on your prospects favorite radio station, WIFM (Whats In It For Me) they will change the channel ASAP to your competitors. Go here to learn more about WIFM

The absolute WORST CASE of advertising and of the example above I just mentioned is in the magazine Ocean Drive. A luxury magazine here in Miami with ads that focus almost entirely on pictures, slogans and cleverness....and ZERO on getting me to take action. EVERY SINGLE AGENCY IN THAT MAGAZINE SHOULD BE FIRED.  I saw one ad for the Shore Club Hotel that took up TWO FULL PAGES.  One page said Shore Club in little words.  The other page said Relax.  I turned the page and immediately forgot about them.

OK, enough venting. Time for an exercise;

What I want you to do right now is get a piece of paper and a pen and for the next 60 seconds write down words or phrases that you think best describe why people would want to business with you. Write down one word at a time preferably, but if you can think of phrases that best describe why customers would want to do business with you, go with that also.
What I want to do now is go over a series of words and phrases and look down at your sheet and see if any of these were written down to describe why anyone would want to do business with you. Here we go …
Great customer service
The biggest
The Best
Go the extra mile
Lowest price
Friendly service
Reliable service
Best price
I think you get the idea. Take a look at your paper. Do you have these words written down or words and phrases like these? If so, put a big X through them, as this is what I call "Marketing Poison", and you want to strike these words from your marketing vocabulary. (more on "Marketing Poison")
These words and phrases and those like them, have no impact on your customers' buying decisions whatsoever.
They never have and they never will. Why? Simple. Your customers see these words every single day from almost every piece of marketing they encounter and they have become desensitized to them. Think for a second how many ads you see in the newspaper, hear on the radio and see on websites where the business talks about how great their customers service is, how dependable they are, how they are the biggest, or #1 in this or #1 in that. So what? How is that benefiting me as your potential customer? It doesn’t.

But that is just one of the mistakes most businesses make when they are marketing their product or service, they compound the problem by trying to be all things to all people and attempting to appease everyone. They do this by promoting their own vanity and hot buttons, and generalizing their marketing rather than trying to zero in on what is important: the hot buttons of the customer, enticing them to buy.
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  1. Very good point Mark! I never thought about branding like this. I am going to have to re-evaluate my websites and make sure that I am not putting more time into branding. thanks!

    1. Thanks John! Check out

  2. I have seen and heard about websites that put a lot into their logo and things like that. I would not spend a penny on a good logo when I first started, so I taught myself how to do it and saved hundreds.

    1. Great feedback Jack.

    2. No problem. Your system seems to me like it would work very well. I am going to visit your other site now for more information on marketing!

  3. This is good information Mark. I never really thought about this, but it is true. All I would care about is the product and the price. Take Amazon for instance, how long do you think it took to make that logo? I remember the site for the prices and the free 2-day shipping through Amazon Prime.

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  4. I have seen a lot of marketing poison, as you call it. What strikes me is that a company will pay for a huge ad AND use those buzz words! Just a waste of money, right?

    1. Unfortunately thats true. Check out to avoid having to use those buzzwords

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